2 Page Book Report On The Outsiders

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The flirtation between Two-Bit and Marcia demonstrates the social compatibility that could exist between the warring groups.

The Socs are from the rich side and the Greasers are from the poor side of this small town in Oklahoma.

Hinton, follows two rival groups- the Socs and the Greasers.

Both groups despise each other because they do not understand each other.

They talk about the rodeo and about Sodapop, whom Cherry describes as a “doll.” She asks what became of Sodapop, and although the admission embarrasses him, Ponyboy says that Sodapop dropped out of school to work in a gas station.

Dally comes back and offers a Coke to Cherry, but she throws it in his face. When he will not listen to Cherry’s protests, the usually quiet Johnny stuns Dally by telling him not to bother the girls.The girl with red hair turns around and coolly tells him to stop, but Dally continues to make suggestive remarks.He goes to buy Cokes, and Ponyboy talks to the red-haired girl, Cherry Valance.The next night, Ponyboy and Johnny go with Dally to a double feature at the drive-in movie theater.They sit behind a pair of Soc girls, and Dally begins to talk dirty in an attempt to embarrass the girls.The Socs could be recognized by their fancy clothes and cars. It also teaches readers valuable life lessons that will follow them for the rest of their lives.One life lesson is not to judge someone by their looks.For instance, she introduces Ponyboy not as a tough street youth but as a boy who likes to read and watch sunsets.Ponyboy is something of an anthropologist, a natural role for a narrator, and he observes and records the group dynamics and individual traits of his fellow greasers.Take Ponyboy, the narrator of the story, for example.He dresses in worn clothes and is from the poorer side of town.


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