8d Problem Solving Form

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Try out each of the problem solving methods on the same problem, at the same time.

Alternate which step you do first along the way (i.e.

A few mistakes now in a controlled environment is a small price to pay for turning you into a skilled problem solver for the future.

One of the best investments a leader can make in his or her team is developing problem-solving skills.

On the other hand, if they see that you will be reasonable and forgiving if they went through the problem-solving process, they will be more likely to internalize the methods. You have to stay in touch with your subordinates who are working outside of their comfort zone.

Asking a lot of questions, and pay attention when your “Spider Sense” starts to tingle.It is some extra up front work, but will help you make an informed decision.8D Problem-Solving (Eight Discipline) is a step-by-step problem-solving methodology popularized by Ford Motor Company.Problem identification and congratulating the team in the 8D steps are not directly stated in the DMAIC methodology, but rather are implied.The single biggest difference in the two methods seems to be the specific mention of ‘Interim Containment’ (building a temporary stopgap into the process) in the 8D methodology. Both are strong methods for solving continuous improvement problems.For example, if a team member can’t clearly articulate what the problem is, pay attention to your gut.Don’t let them move on and start spending resources until they can convince you that they thoroughly understand the issue.While it is likely done in conjunction with other problem solving methods, formally mentioning it helps prevent skipping the step. Both provide a consistent, structured approach, and both provide a common language so project status can be easily communicated throughout an organization.My recommendation is to try both, and then choose the one that works best for you and your personal style.Simply teaching the eight disciplines will make a marked improvement in your team’s ability to deal with issues quickly, efficiently, and effectively.Bear in mind that there will be bumps along the way.


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