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Form a good, strong thesis sentence, stating what you propose to show.

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Go through the evidence on separate arguments you have copied down and arrange them in the order of their strength.

Usually it is best to start with the weakest and end with the strongest; this arrangement is not always possible, but when it can be done your argument will accumulate more force as it progresses.

Academic dishonesty has been documented in most every type of educational setting, from elementary school to graduate school, and has been met with varying degrees of approbation throughout history.

Today, educated society tends to take a very negative view of academic dishonesty.

Handing in the same or a very similar paper to two separate courses also constitutes an academic offence.

Most students who plagiarize do so because they try to write their essays at the last minute. If students cannot get their work in on time, they should approach their professors for an extension.

A student excluded for disciplinary reasons from one college in the Peralta Community College District may be denied enrollment into other colleges in the District, depending on the specific form of discipline.

The President of a college may also deny ad mission to a student suspended or excluded for disciplinary reasons from other colleges or universities.

You not only jeopardize your passing of this course but you also may jeopardize your entire future by engaging in academic dishonesty.

The following outline attempts to show you how to construct a good essay: it represents, in as simple a form as possible, the basic pattern to follow in putting together any “argument paper” whether this paper is a class essay, a dissertation, or an article designed for publication.


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