Advertising Case Studies 2014

Advertising Case Studies 2014-90
He has been leading Research, Product Development, Marketing and Business Development since December 2010 from the headquarters in Singapore.

We helped the Jack Threads marketing team take their in-house advertising to the next level, improving Cost Per Signup of new users by 17% in just two months.During this campaign, they were able to aggressively scale their advertising efforts, while maintaining a positive ROI.Another online retailer set a goal of increasing install rates of its full-catalog shopping app.Smaato’s Account Management team cares deeply about its publishers’ success.The Smaato team provided banner optimization to BBM and it quickly resulted in Smaato filling rich media-enabled inventory, native ads as well as private marketplace (PMP) on SPX.BBM® is a globally popular social communication app that “is the best way to connect and share instant messages, pictures and more for free, in real time—all with speed, control and privacy.” BBM began working with Smaato in December 2014.The key reason they chose Smaato for their monetization solution was due to Smaato’s international coverage through demand-side partnerships.They were able to achieve their CPS goal through automated bid management and automation, which helped regulate ads and stabilize ad spend.An ecommerce company based in Southeast Asia set a goal of achieving 400% on ad spend.By leveraging Custom Audiences and refreshing creative at least twice per week, they were able to gain 73X return on ad spend – nearly 5x their original goal!Continuous testing of targeting and creative combinations allowed an ecommerce company to obtain nearly 90,000 new member registrations and over 9,300 total purchases in under a month.


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