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What you can do about that, is actually setting yourself shorter deadlines.If you will still struggle to force yourself to finish a task faster, ask someone from your team to review your work at a certain date, so you now have to do the work in order to show them results.published on Entrepreneur, doing several tasks at once is ineffective and inefficient.

What you can do about that, is actually setting yourself shorter deadlines.

In order to meet assignment deadlines and to keep up with schedules related to school and schoolwork, students must engage their temporal-sequential ordering abilities.

These skills help us interpret, retain, or create information that is in a serial order.

It also helps to avoid work-related stress and, eventually, If there are still unresolved tasks on your list, ask yourself why you haven’t finished them and find solutions to that.

Maybe the task was to broad and dividing it into smaller assignments will help you better organize work?

To make it manageable, it’s better to divide your to-do list into smaller chunks.

Setting clear priorities will help you order your tasks according to their importance, urgency and effort needed to accomplish them.Students with strong temporal-sequential ordering skills are able to manage their schedules, organize their work, and make efficient use of their time.Such students are also able to avoid procrastination (putting off a task that must be done).The name, coming from an Italian word for a tomato, was inspired by the kitchen timer.Today, there are devices you can use designed specifically for this technique, counting the exact 25 minutes you should devote to work.It means that quality planning can not only increase the chance that the project will be completed successfully, but it will also be cost-effective.Sometimes a list of things you need to do may seem overwhelming.This tendency to put work aside, called the Parkinson stated that “the work expands as to fill the time available for its completion”.Thus, if you have more time to finish a task than you actually need, the chances are you won’t do it any quicker.Depending on how well you do juggling different projects and priorities, the better you’re able to schedule the work for your team.And the latter leads to better run projects, with a higher chance of finishing them on time and within a budget.


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