Authoritative Essay On East Of Eden

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It received a cold reception from critics but was a bestseller immediately. Steinbeck starts out by telling several seemingly unrelated stories, then threads them together later in the novel. The novel begins in the late 1800's in the Salinas Valley, an area in northern California, with a family named the Hamiltons.

The father, Samuel, and his wife Liza are Irish immigrants who have raised their family, including nine children, with hard work and old-fashioned values.

John Steinbeck's novel ~'East of Eden~' is an American classic with an easy-going cadence despite its heavy storyline.

The intricate plot and cast of characters can sometimes be confusing, but this lesson will lay things on the line so you can keep them straight.

Aron goes to college to become a priest and Caleb begins a shady deal selling local crops overseas which makes him a lot of money.

Caleb, who has always felt darker and meaner than his brother Aron, struggles with his nature.In the book of Genesis, Cain is jealous of the apparent favoritism their father shows his younger brother, Abel, and eventually kills him. This book has a dense cast of characters that may be confusing at the start.The novel, published in 1952, has a slow and intentional pace without tension, which was different from most popular fiction of the time. Let's go ahead and take care of any confusion with a short character introduction you can refer back to if necessary.Adam believes Cal's business is immoral and instead of being happy and proud he is angry and disappointed.In response to his jealousy Caleb tells Aron the truth about their mother, taking him to the brothel as proof.Adam has a younger (but stronger and meaner) brother named Charles.Steinbeck contrasts these two brothers–Adam is peaceful and easygoing and Charles is dark and sinister.Adam and Charles' father dies and leaves them each a large sum of money, which is thought to be the result of some shady business.Here, Cathy Ames, a girl from a town nearby, is introduced.He discovers the truth about his mother and blames his dark nature on her. ) tells him the story of Cain and Abel to help him understand the fault in his thinking.Climax and Conclusion Adam misses his son Aron, who is away at college, and thinks Cal isn't as smart or outgoing, feeding further into the Cain and Abel allegory.


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