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Two organizations were selected for the study based on their overall level of maturity measured by the BCPE scoring guide representing firms with high and low levels of maturity.

The first hypothesis tested indicates a negative statistically significant relationship between the level of maturity of an organization and the level of employee engagement.

First, I offer my sincere gratitude to my mentor, Dr. Lee Burnham, who offered the perfect amount of intervention to match my learning style, and consistently shared words of concise advice and inspiration. Kymn Harvin Rutigliano, for your authentic, constructive criticism, and instilling confidence in my abilities. Gwenn Grondal, for your keen attention to detail, and steadfast demand that I produce dissertation-worthy doctoral level writing.

Although anonymous, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the awardwinning hospital senior leader study participants, for without their participation my finishing of this research would not have been possible. Diane and Mary of BOLD for provision of formatting software and editing.

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The objective of this research was to determine whether there is a relationship between the level of maturity of an organization's business processes as measured by the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award's Criteria for Performance Excellence (BCPE) and the level of employee engagement.

David Decker, who advised me that advancing my education would result in advancing my work performance and life leadership abilities, and Dr.

Anne Mc Mahon, whom instilled within me the desire to write in a professional concise manner, and inspired my deep appreciation of the academic studies of Management, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior.


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