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It’s possible I was wrong since I don’t know which questions I missed since that breakdown isn’t included with my score, but given my overall MBE score, I have to assume that the obscure legal doctrine answers really were red herrings.] 2. Everyone thinks they failed the bar after it's over. I definitely stuck to the time allotment for each question, but I wanted to make sure to get as many points as possible, and it follows that you can earn the most points from the issues you know the most about.

One of the facts of law school that many non-lawyers do not know is how grading works. You spot a potential battery and negligence issue against Bruno in the question. Then you jot down the elements you know you need to prove for battery and negligence.

As an undergraduate student, we all had several attempts at obtaining a good grade in most classes. No one in the class had received a single grade on a single thing yet. In the analysis of the question, and in sample answers.

You took a class for about 4 months – and it all rested on one exam. We prodded the professors to give us a clue as to what we should focus on, right?! At least we are accustomed to that once we head into the Bar Exam.

No averaging of anything done throughout the semester. We can’t study it all – not when we have 6 classes to cram for – please help!


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