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An estimated 50 percent of recruiters never read cover letters. After speaking to several recruiters I know who place hundreds of people in jobs each year, here's what they shared: When they open a cover letter, if they skim it and see it's just a repetition of what is already in the resume, they skip reading it.In fact, studies show you have less than six seconds to get their attention.

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They'll be the ones to decide if you could be a "huge asset."3) At XYZ Corp, I was instrumental in a cost-saving measure that...

Again, telling them something they can find on the resume, and therefore, wasting their time.4) I am applying to your ____ position as seen in the _____.

A recent opinion from an employer in summarized the cover letter’s preeminence: “If I hate a cover letter, I won’t even look at a résumé.” But there is also evidence that cover letters are nothing but adornments.

A survey conducted by re Careered found that 90% of hiring contacts surveyed simply ignored every cover letter sent to them.

According to legend, da Vinci is said to have created the first CV when applying for a job from the Duke of Milan.

Five hundred years later, his invention is the currency of human resources departments and the bane of many job prospects.If you want your cover letter to get read, give the recruiter something worth reading! You should focus the content of the letter to include the right: Format - Clean-lined font, 11 point in size, left-text justified with one-inch margins.Good Test For Your Cover Letter - Would You Say It In Person? Stay clear of fancy, scripted fonts and tiny type - both make it impossible to read.Find a way to back-up the connection you share with them by validating it with an experience that taught you what they do is valuable.PS - Always Start With An Exciting Statement The best cover letters get hiring managers at "hello." Don't be afraid to open the cover letter with a bolded, powerful statement like, These are wonderful openers that engage the reader to pay attention to the story you are sharing with them.Here are a few simple tips to help get your cover letter noticed.Leonardo da Vinci created some of the most resonant objects of our time -- the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, the giant crossbow -- but perhaps his most inescapable legacy, the invention you might come across every few weeks, is the résumé.Many of my clients have told me the first thing a recruiter has said to them during a phone interview is, "Wow, your cover letter really was outstanding. It was so refreshing to read one like that." And that's exactly what you want, right? You have to share how you feel part of their corporate tribe.Experience - Tell a story about a personal or professional experience that taught you how important the work is they are doing.


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