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La Te X makes this possible by allowing authors to specify document elements with logical constructs such as etc., while the appearance of these items in the typeset document is determined by the document class.

La Te X makes this possible by allowing authors to specify document elements with logical constructs such as etc., while the appearance of these items in the typeset document is determined by the document class.Bibtex is a program that applies the same philosophy to bibliographies.

A list of the most useful tips and the most common sources of errors. The authoritative source for journal abbreviations is Math Sci Net; to find an abbreviation, either look up the paper in Math Sci Net, or (in case the paper is not in the Math Sci Net database), use the "Search the Journals Database" option of Math Sci Net.

While there is some degree of variation in the styles in which different journals set their bibliographies, there are a number generally accepted stylistic conventions for bibliographies in research level mathematical writing that authors should try to follow. Number Theory" is the correct abbreviation for the Journal of Number Theory; do not use "J. Be aware that authors do not always use correct abbreviations, so journal abbreviations you might see in other articles are not necessarily the "correct" abbreviations. Whatever format and style you choose, make sure that the same style/format is used for all bibliography entries.

Each bibtex record holds the bibliographic information for a single bibliography entry.

Records begin with an "at" symbol (@), followed by the record type, and, in braces, a comma-separated list of entries of the form "fieldname = value", where the "fieldnames" are components of the bibliography entry such as "author", "title", etc.

The examples below illustrate the first style, which is the style used by the AMS journals. In contrast to popular magazines, which begin each issue with page number 1, scholarly journals are grouped into volumes, consisting of two or more issues each, and are paginated consecutively within each volume.. \end commands to match up citations with bibliography items), not the labels that get printed in the bibliography.

Thus, an article is (usually) uniquely identified by specifying the volume number (e.g., volume 99) and the page range (e.g., pages 403-422). By default, the bibliography items are given consecutive numeric labels, set in square brackets.

The most noticeable difference to the formatting of ordinary journal references is that the page number range for the article cited is given at the very end of the reference and preceded by the abbreviation "pp." For an example see the citation of the Erdos paper below. Here is an example illustrating the formatting of four different types of bibliography entries: an ordinary journal article (Knuth), a book (Graham/Knuth/Patashnik), an article published in a conference proceedings (Erdos), and an unpublished paper (Simpson): \begin \bibitem P. If explicit labels are used, use the longest label as string; for instance, in the above example, [GKP89] is the widest label, so an appropriate string would be "GPK89". Trying to typeset URL references manually is tricky, since URL's tend to be lengthy "words" that are likely to cause overfull lines.

Erd\H os, \emph, Recent trends in combinatorics (Matrahaza, 1995), Cambridge Univ. Moreover, URL's of personal webpages usually contain the tilde symbol (~), which without special coding gets interpreted as a blank space, and therefore needs to be escaped by a backslash (\~) or replaced by the math "twiddle" symbol $\sim$.

The following example shows how the four bibliography items listed above would be entered into a bibtex database: Depending on the bibliography style used, other types may be available, but in most cases the four types suffice.

For a complete listing of possible record types, see Chapter 10 in Gratzer's book.


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