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When "black" is used to refer to a skin tone, or to the black race in general (all the black people in the world), it is not capitalized, since, just like "white," it does not refer to a nationality or ethnic group, and the imaginary colors of so-called "races" are not capitalized.(Optional alternate rule: Capitalize both "Black" and "White" whenever referring to ethnic backgrounds.)The "Spanish" people are the citizens of Spain. When you refer to people of Spanish-speaking heritage in general, the preferred term is "Hispanic." ("Latino" is also used in some parts of the USA, but less often in Texas.) Do not use "white" as the opposite of "Hispanic." Quoting in your papers from other scholarly sources is normally encouraged (except in personal expressive writing). Whenever you quote anything (words or information) from another source in your writing you must put the words in quotation marks, and say where the words or data came from.Creating artwork on black paper is impressive because it says: “Look at this cool pen/thing I have, and the stuff I can do with it!

However, if you are a religious believer and fail to capitalize when needed, you are insulting your own faith.By and large, printers can only print colored inks, which means printing white on black paper hardly ever happens .So: when you send someone artwork on black paper, it immediately says: “I took the time to make this especially for you by hand.” Mainly, though, artwork on black paper just looks cool, which is why I’m writing this blog post.(However, be aware that some professors do not allow this.)"God" is always capitalized if you are a religious believer.Any pronoun used to refer to the divinity is also capitalized.There are thick lines at the top and bottom, with a dashed line in the center. It’s surprisingly easy to create artwork and calligraphy on black paper.(Example: Believers might write, "Our God is in His heaven, where He reigns forever.") If you are a nonbeliever, you have a choice to capitalize or not, as you prefer, but you must be consistent.Generally writers do not capitalize when referring to divinities in whom they do not believe (Example: "Zeus was the god of lightning and thunder").Poorly written work receives a grade of "D" ("Pass"), while clearly failing work receives an "F" ("Rejected").One of the goals of English 1311 is to give you the tools necessary to produce exceptional, "A" papers in all your University courses.


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