Brazilian Waxes Essay

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’ The Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy, who has been central to drawing attention to the Yaniv case and to critiquing the cult of gender self-ID and its dire impact on women’s spaces, describes it well.

In an interview on my podcast a few months ago she talked about how gender self-ID necessarily erases women-only spaces and also devastates the idea of womanhood itself.

’ Or perhaps, ‘Should a woman be forced by law to touch a penis she doesn’t want to touch?

’ – that’s a franker, more honest way of putting it, though it’s obvious why people don’t put it like that, given it would expose the fundamental misogyny at play in this demented case.

The question immediately arises as to who is really been discriminated against here: a born male who went to female waxer after female waxer to see if they would wax his testicles, or the women who find themselves either in a council hearing or already out of work simply because their religious, cultural or outright personal preferences mean they do not want to service male genitalia.

Yaniv says if the case is lost then a dangerous precedent will be set for trans people.

Now try: “After all, if anyone can be British or American, then being British or American becomes a pretty meaningless, hollow affair.” If the first proposition is true, so must the second be. But O’Neill accepts the first and denies the second. you’re comparing biological gender, to A nationality on a passport so when people want to have their birth gender changed on a passport for respectful reasons as they’d be embarrassed when asked to produce their pass port, they could then say they’ve decided they can go to anywhere as thats’ their home country on their passport I’m comparing national identity to a label on a birth certificate.

If trans-women weaken and destroy the concept of “woman-ness”, then immigrants weaken and destroy the concept of “British-ness” or “American-ness”.

I would have done the waxing after getting the dinlo to sign a waiver, then I would have torn his sack off.

“After all, if anyone can be a woman, then being a woman becomes a pretty meaningless, hollow affair.” Yeah.


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