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Then, come up with budget categories to arrange these expenses.For instance, when constructing a personal monthly budget, consider budget categories like: By reviewing your expenses, you can determine what’s essential to your weekly budget.It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re looking to set a family budget or are a college student worried about how to pay your loans — budgeting can help you meet your personal financial goals.

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Additionally, the average American carries $6,375 in credit card debt.

Lastly, around half of Americans with student loans express concerns about their ability to pay off the debt.

By doing so, you can work toward earning your financial freedom.

Consider the fact that roughly two-thirds of Americans indicate that they would struggle to come up with $1,000 in case of an emergency.

A small business budget is usually a vital component of the business plan.

If you’re applying for loans or pitching to investors, providing a monthly budget spreadsheet will be helpful.

So, in this case, going out to dinner would be a variable expense, while paying off debt is a non-variable expense.

Once you’ve figured out your expenses, you should take a look at your cash flow to determine how much money you’re bringing in.

For instance, instead of spending 0 per month to eat out, you can limit yourself to 0 when constructing your budget template.

You should also include your financial goals as a budget category.


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