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"What I learned during that time is something that we as advisors tell our clients time and time again," explains Storjohann."It’s important to break big steps down into little steps!Maybe you have a client segment similar to personal demographic, which means you can relate better and develop stronger relationships with your clients.

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Pick a niche that you relate to and create your own firm that best represents who you are and what you do.

Want your own business plan template to fill out and help you launch your financial planning firm?

Click here: Then refer back to this post if necessary to help you work through some of the questions you need to ask yourself and the information you need to think about to completely fill in your plan.

Grizzly Bear Financial Managers is a comprehensive financial planning and estate planning consultancy.

Using her walkthrough, and XYPN's free business plan template, you have everything you need to create your own business plan to start your firm. Then she went to ("as any badass, female entrepreneur should," she adds) and signed up for their 3-day Chic Start.

This free course provides homework and guidance for getting your business plan started.Financial Planning for Gen X and Gen Y is becoming a growing market for industry professionals – which is fantastic!However, it’s reason more than ever to stand out and wave your own unique flag.Set Up an Organizational Chart You simply need to answer, who is in your organization?For most independent RIAs, this is an easy one to complete because it's a matter of "me, myself, and I." To create a more robust section you may find useful in the future, think about what you'd ideally like to hire for as your practice grows.It could be the cost of planning for consumers, a lack of access to the market you want to serve, or the fact that similar services already exist Ask yourself, what problems are you likely going to encounter? Know the Structure of Your Business and Think About Operations Will you be an LLC, S-Corp or Sole Proprietorship? Are you going to cover all the back-office responsibilities or are you going to solely focus on your clients? If you're not sure what you'll need on the operational side, consider this list of common, basic tools and technologies financial advisors need to run their own firm: Laptop Printer Financial planning software Client relationship management software (or CRM -- available through XYPN membership) Secure e-file system Accounting software Account to accept subscription payments (offered by Pay Simple through XYPN membership) Create Your Services and Pricing Break down your offerings and create some content and context around them. Feel free to do a “brain dump” of both big and small to-dos needed to get done before your start your firm -- then prioritize what you write out and get to work!You'll want to include information like: Your service packages Whether or not you'll offer hourly work How you'll handle projects or AUM, if incorporating those offerings into your business What fee structure you want to use Consider Marketing Strategies and Sales Avenues Think about speaking, writing, social media, video, networking events, guest posting, joining associations, your website and more. Here are some to-dos you might include: Look for and purchase domain name Set up social media accounts across platforms your ideal clients are hanging out (think Facebook, Twitter, Linked In) Handle business registration documentation Establish your practice as a corporation or LLC (if you choose to do so) Look for help from a compliance consultant for RIA set up (XYPN members receive initial and ongoing compliance support at no extra cost) Research website design and logo providers, and gather information about pricing to compare your options Start developing website content It’s not easy to just sit down and write this whole thing out in one go.One of the most valuable things my coach encouraged me to do was to create a business plan." Storjohann knew she needed to get that business plan on paper in order to organize her thoughts and fully understand what she wanted her financial planning practice to look like, stand for, and provide for her clients.And she was generous enough to share her process and how she built out her plan with XY Planning Network. Small Business Administration to review their resources for creating a plan.For example, by having a virtual company, you have access to clients nationwide.Or by developing a social media platform, you may be able to tap into clients ignored by others in your industry.


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