Business Plan Writer Jobs

They proofread completed articles before submitting them to an editor for publication.

The BLS reported that in May 2015 the middle half of reporters and correspondents earned from $27,090 to $56,780.

Writers and authors earn a median salary of approximately $60,000 per year, while reporters and correspondents earn a median salary of around $36,000 annually.

Many entrepreneurs need the help of a business plan writer.

Someone may post a job ad in the forums of some of the communities you visit, so check the forums as well.

Beware of jobs that are vague and have no official contact information.

Some business owners will submit their ads to a particular job board, or the writers for the jobs will search the web for opportunities.

You could find much of the work you need by checking two or three websites daily.

Business writers work for companies, while business reporters work as journalists for publications.

These writers typically hold a bachelor's degree in communications, business, journalism, or a related major.


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