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Information about competitors: You’ll explain the strengths and weaknesses of major competitors in your industry.

Information about competitors: You’ll explain the strengths and weaknesses of major competitors in your industry.

Planning, even management, was ignored by some Dot-Coms, which is possible when operating funds don't have to earned, but are supplied by investors.

When a company's key business strategy is an exit strategy, and when the interest of managers, suppliers and even customers focused on stock options rather than performance, planning became cumbersome.

Nearly 4,000 of these investor-owned firms were acquired or made a major shift in their business model to undertake new activities, some more than once.

The publicity surrounding these changes left an impression that online business wasn't viable when the real problem was careless investing and faulty investment regulation.

But there are several avenues you can use to collect it.

Custom surveys: If you’ve ever provided a survey to existing clients from a road test or testimonial phase, you can include their feedback to prove your product is desirable. Statistics and facts from official publications, such as the government, are often readily available online. Include the most relevant facts, information, and statistics then cut the fat from the rest.

After the Dot-Com Era | Introducing e-Business into an Existing Organization Starting an e-Business from Scratch | Startup Challenges | Starting Up Different Types of e-Businesses e-Business Plan Evaluation | e-Business Analysis | Summary In the late 1990s, some entrepreneurs claimed that there was an unusual opportunity for new companies to gain a foothold in the online marketplace, since existing "bricks and mortar" companies were generally slow to move online and were dismissed in the press and by industry analysts as "out of touch" and "out of date".

However, many traditional companies weren't concerned about the upstart Dot-Coms and didn't try to move at "Internet time".

You can use tools such as SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regarding your products, industry, or the competition.

And every piece of information, from the analysis to the data, must point back positively to your company.


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