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During July 2002, Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc., the largest non-cola enterprise in North America, intro... Introduction "A commodity chain is an intermediate unit of analysis, bigger than the nation-state but smaller than the entire world-system.

A commodity chain is the interrelated system of production processes and economic transactions that creates a commodity such as coffee, and brings it to the ...

"Cadbury Schweppes plc, exists to create value for our shareholders on a long term basis by building a business that enhances Cadbury Schweppes trademarks.

We do this by developing superior food and beverages and by providing them on a global scale."". The objectives of the company are made very clear throughout any documents. They are dedicated to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of its products throughout the world.

With the steady grown in the country’s economy as well as the people’s living standards, the rhythm of people’s living is speeding up and a lot of changes have taken place in their daily life.

The discussion about whether or not the Value chains is real or virtual is a very controversial one.It is therefore easy to see why they are a major influence of the market with such well-established and well-profiled brand names. A mission statement is a philosophy of the organisation that provides a broad indication of direct and gives the core reasons for the business being in existence.An organisation should have or provide a mission statement as a public declaration to all stakeholders, showing that they have aims and a long-range vision for the company. Unfortunately we were not able to uncover an actual mission statement for Cadbury Schweppes but we were able to find a "code of conduct- document.As far as I am considered that performing both the real value chain activities and the virtual value chain activities is important; however, in e-commerce, more and more activities become information based and performing them electronically becomes far more important than conducting these functions physically.The concept of the value chain was primarily targeted toward manufacturing firms, in which the value of activities is mostly concerned with the physical flow of material, for example, acquiring raw material, manufacturing products, distributing products, marketing products, and installing or repairing the products for customer use.The first, Visibility, is where businesses co-ordinate, measure and sometimes control business processes.Over the last 30 years, information systems have become powerful tools in management of the physical value chain.In the present digital age, a majority of firms are planning to conduct their business electronically, in which ‘‘information’’ becomes the main medium through which business transactions are exchanged.The extent to which e-commerce will affect the marketing of products and services will depend on the amount and the value of information that flows through the value chain.Diversity at work place Abstract: Diversity programs have been considered as good investment whose returns have been very beneficial to organisation.Successful professionals are learning to demonstrate the contribution of diversity programs to the business on macro and micro levels.


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