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We describe inherent challenges to large-N comparative analysis to coding complex and dynamically changing common pool resource systems for the presence or absence of design principles and the determination of “success”. To build on these studies, we need to iteratively compile and synthesize the insights gleaned from in-depth case studies, qualitative analysis, field and lab experiments, mathematical models, and statistical results ().There may be certain requirements you haven't included here.Large-N comparative studies have helped common pool resource scholars gain general insights into the factors that influence collective action and governance outcomes.In this study, we examine cases where a large-N coding exercise linking DPs and outcomes was insufficient to uncover the complex relationship between CPR regime success and those very same DPs, and where a thicker descriptive method can help us fill the gaps.As part of a special feature on “context, scale, and interdependencies,” we conduct a post-hoc qualitative analysis of inconsistent cases flagged in the analysis conducted by showed that DPs work in combinations, and that different clusters of DPs are more likely to lead to successful outcomes.This may not replace missing (coded) data, but may help augment our understanding that may have been lost in translation during the coding process.In this study, we demonstrate the methodological opportunities and limitations for supplementing a large-N quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis.On the other hand, the original researcher may have been interested in the question the large-N study is attempting to code, but may have taken a different methodological approach and did not present the information in a way that the coder could easily discern.In this case, it may be possible to interpret the information that is available to derive some insights about such ambiguous variables to make an educated guess at what factors may impact outcomes.In this case, the “coded” variable is listed as “missing in case”.Short of a follow up with the original author or returning to the field, there isn’t much to do to remedy this “missing data” situation.


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