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This technology is based on the concept of virtualization.Platform as a Service(Paa S) – It provides an on-demand environment for creating and managing web and mobile based applications.Software as a Service(Saa S) – Saa S delivers software applications over the internet and manage the underlying infrastructure.The prominent methods for cloud security include firewalls, virtual private networks(VPNs), tokenization.Not only there is a threat of data leakage and theft, Distributed Denial of Service(DDo S) is a major challenge in cloud security.The growth of cloud computing technology has caused an exponential increase in energy consumption having an adverse effect on the environment in terms of carbon footprint.To reduce the amount of energy consumed, an efficient solution in terms of green cloud computing has been developed.You can choose this as your thesis topic as it has a huge scope for research.Cloud Security is a must as the number of organizations using cloud services is increasing.To decide what type of service to use, an organization has to go through its requirements.Cloud Deployment Model It is another good area for cloud computing thesis topics.


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