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Our house would be happy and filled with the sound of laughter and excited conversations.It never occurred to me until years later that the house would be happy because WE were happy.She’s five now and we need to keep a puffer on hand for her asthma. ) and the rest lived with me for years and played with me in our old fashioned garden in the old country house I grew up in.

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I would speak in a low voice “You love your sister! We have the noisy, chaotic, and happy household of my lonely childhood dreams.

Elizabeth, who would usually rather write in her journal or read Pokémon books, is under an obligation to play with Matilda for half an hour before bed and as much as Elizabeth rolls her eyes and huffs, they always seem to enjoy it once they start and rarely wants to finish.

I remembered people around having “family only” events that did not involve three people sitting awkwardly around a table in a Chinese restaurant and just wanting it to be over.

I used to imagine that I had seven siblings, all with names, ages and personalities – Doris (we called her Dorsey because Tim simply couldn’t say her name when he was a toddler and so it stuck!

To anyone else the noise and chaos, fights, and intense love that a child shares with their sibling is normal – it is part of their own memories and identities. There are many only children who enjoy being an only child.

Even if you didn’t and still don’t like your sibling, they were there. Being an only child is arbitrarily no better or worse than not being an only child, and has a different set of problems and privileges.

So before I became a mom, I considered myself an expert traveler.

I would have my packing list down to a science in order to fly with the least amount of things so nothing could slow down my adventures.

I have always sung and read my babies to sleep – doing that was a commitment I made to address autistic Elizabeth’s sleeping difficulties.

Once Matilda had arrived I used to stand in their room and listen to the sweet sounds of their gentle breathing. I wanted them to be the sister I always wanted and then found at 19 in my best friend. Well, with half of our family being autistic (myself and Elizabeth) we do sometimes divide into camps a little, but with four of us that is easy to do.


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