Conflict Case Studies In Workplace

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Hey Ken, why does your friend have to stay here all the time?

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If Johnny is vague, or doesn't provide good examples or reasons, it is harder for Ken to understand him.

Both may then become defensive, and stop listening to each other.

Yeah I changed my mind, he stays too often and I don't like it!

Johnny should push Ken for reminding Johnny he was OK with it.

Johnny shrugs and does not listen or accept that Ken is trying. First of all, it is good to recognize that Ken has done two things: He has acknowledged that he changed the subject.

Secondly he elaborates on what is bothering him (lack of sleep and poor performance on studies).This employee may begin to harbor resentment against team members and managers, eventually lashing out through decreased productivity or outright verbal conflict.To resolve this issue, a manager could sit down with the whole team and discuss the way in which job tasks are assigned, making changes as necessary to ensure that tasks are divided equitably.Managing conflict is a key management competency and all small business owners should study and practice effective conflict management skills to maintain a positive workplace environment.Discrimination can be a source of heated conflict, potentially ending in legal trouble for a company or its owners.The first answer is best: Johnny first acknowledges that he has changed his view, and has then given a specific example as to how this is affecting him.He is trying to help Ken understand his point of view. It is also important to have the goal of a compromise in mind. Using good conflict resolution skills, work though Johnny and Ken's issue and resolution to the problem. This affects Ken's sleeping, and he didn't do well on a test one morning.Johnny however should stay on subject and stay calm.And violence is never an option and a good way to ruin a friendship. If his visits are really bothering you, I can try to be flexible." Thanks for understanding.


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