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provides the impetus for updating how the CAEP guidelines for documenting course grades as an assessment are applied by programs electing to use grades in mathematics courses as an assessment of candidate content knowledge.

Course grades may be used with the for only one assessment of candidate content knowledge.

Aspiring nurses should complete three or even four years of math during high school and should make sure that geometry and two years of algebra are included in their studies, according to The Houston Chronicle.

Keep in mind, too, that many science courses that you take, whether in high school or in college, have some math component as well.

Nurses need to be comfortable using numbers in their work and to complete the minimum required math classes in high school and college.

However, most core classes in nursing are more closely related to science than to mathematics.

IMAGE SOURCE If math isn’t your strong suit, can you still be a nurse?

Many students who are considering nursing school wonder about this.

To make the cut for selective nursing school programs, you will most likely need a competitive score on the SAT or ACT examination, which include sections focused on mathematics.

Aspiring nurses need to work hard to get good grades in all high school classes, including math – or they may not have a high enough grade point average to get into nursing school.


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