Creative Writing Story Ideas

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I believe I should preface this post with a small disclaimer before we jump in. no list could ever be exhaustive when it comes to coming up with story ideas. So let’s take a look at some more ways to generate these elusive creatures. For example, maybe you are driving into work and you notice a speeding car is coming up on you quickly.

This list of writing prompts and story starters to generate story ideas is by no means a definitive list nor is it exhaustive. However, the tactics used in this post are how I have been able to, over the years, come up with story ideas for several of the different stories I have worked on or have shared with other writers. Rowling came up with the idea for Harry Potter she was stuck on a train for four hours and the thought of a little dark haired boy with glasses that didn’t know he was a wizard popped into her head. Outside of this blog, and me working on my writing career, I am also an IT geek for a large corporation. As the car gets ahead of you it cuts you off and keeps driving.

Somewhere within your mind-map could be a line of thought that can be used for your new story idea.

To use a software based mind-map, check out Free Mind.

Free Bonus: Want more ways to come up with story ideas?

Creative writing prompts provide a useful way to jog inspiration and get into an inventive frame of mind.

As you have probably noticed by now I have used that a few times in creating ideas. What-if a giant shark seemed determined to hunt down swimmers off the eastern coast of the United States? The main point is to write it down or record it somehow.

Jaws What-if scientists were able to bring back dinosaurs into modern times and all hell broke loose? You can do this with any of the aforementioned technique and it will work. Don’t allow that brilliant spark of inspiration to disappear.

Rowling, creator of one of the best book series of all time and I am just Remember though, before J. Those are just a couple of instances of using everyday life to generate story ideas but the imagination when let loose can be a great idea starter. People can be an idea generator that can provide a lot of laughs or mystery.

The two ideas converged and through some more cultivating and digging to see what was there, came the idea for Hunger Games.


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