Critical Deep Ecology Essay In Philosophy

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Naess — like a few others now dead, such as Aldo Leopold, Richard Sylvan, John Livingston, and Rudolf Bahro — profoundly influenced me with his ideas.His deep ecology writings helped orient my life as a green and environmental activist.

He also saw that self-respect for an individual was important, before a principled non violent stand could be taken and the consequences accepted.

I had received a few personal letters and communications from him, about some essays which I had written and on various theoretical points/disputes which I had raised. Arne had an ability to bring out the positive in any clash of what could seem to be contending views.

Speaking of intrinsic value, a basic component of this world view, Naess said: This is squarely an antifascist position.

It is incompatible with fascist racism and fascist nationalism, and also with the special ethical status accorded the (supreme) Leader. 95.) Naess was an advocate of non violence but made it clear in his writings, that if a choice had to be made, he preferred violence over cowardice.

He concluded one letter to me in December 1996, about an apparent dispute I had with him on what I saw as his inconsistent views on so-called sustainable development.

He wrote: Industrial societies cannot be reformed, green societies will not be industrial, but they may of course have industries.

We probably have some real disagreements, but let us get rid of pseudo-disagreements.

An e-mail in 2000 commented positively about something I had written against wildlife biologists, who in the name of research, routinely subjected wildlife to various technological/electronic tracking devices, thus violating their species being and dignity: Personally I believe that mysteries will not gradually disappear with increase of research efforts.

It eventually was to transform itself into the eight-point Deep Ecology Platform, but how to change this Platform so it can evolve and yet keep its movement legitimacy remains unresolved.

Giving support to this Platform, which calls for significant human population reductions, has come to identify the typical follower of deep ecology.


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