Cultural Artifact Analysis Essay

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The “Down and Dirty” Quick synapsis: At Least Three Artifacts: If you include One Outside Film, please use at least 2 film techniques — please list these in your thesis source..Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Cultural Artifacts Cultural artifacts generally have significant meanings to the everyday lives.

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For example, if you are examining the “Failure to Launch” idea: Failure to Launch, The Waterboy, etc, The following restrictions apply: ► You may NOT analyze: 1) a film on the Class Daily Syllabus, such as Her.► Use of Film Terminology from the handout/class is expected as part of your analysis.

I'll be looking for you to employ at least 2 film techniques as part of your analysis.

Most people of the past generations have always held the belief that men are unable to multitask, whereas women are able to perform a number of different things at the same time.

Even so, this artifact appears to be saying just the opposite of that belief.

In previous generations, there were certain tasks or roles that were supposed to be performed by people of a certain gender only.

For instance, previous generations viewed nursing as a profession only for women, cooking was seen as a female-only task, women were viewed as being unable to drive manual cars, men were viewed as not able to multitask, and building and construction roles were only for men.

• Students have an easier time with this assignment if they pick artifacts that all covey a certain idea.

Again, as an example, “the rugged man”: So, cologne ads, war toys, the “Brawny paper towel guy,” Army ads and posters that covey one idea of “toughness” or “ruggedness.” My suggestion then is to mix the kinds of artifacts you choose to analyze, to make discoveries about, if you want, but to make sure that they all revolve around a central idea or issue or stereotype you want to explore.​Some artifacts:• ads: you tube — or ads from “Health/Fashion” magazines• historical documents• political cartoons• dolls/toys and (Hot Wheels, Transformers, etc.)• Films: You may ONE mainstream American Hollywood feature film if it relates to your common theme.

He smiles coyly and has smooth features rather than the stereotypical rugged good looks.

The slogan used in the ad “Who said men can’t multi-task? The model is touching his face most probably to feel how lovely and soft it is because of the product being advertised here, namely Nivea Men.


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