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Bertrand has suddenly lifted us out of the dark ages of genetic engineering and launched us headlong into the future.

He has unlocked the evolutionary process and given humankind the ability to redefine our species in broad, sweeping strokes.

I was mainly interested in Brown’s portrait of transhumanists and their scientific and philosophical ideas, which play a central role in the novel.

There’s a number of recently published transhumanist-themed novels, such as will be a bestseller, probably followed by a successful film, and the first introduction to transhumanism for millions of readers.

Is Zobrist’s plague set to be released the following day? Langdon’s search is desperate, but Zobrist left many hermetic hints based on Dante’s and later Italian Renaissance masterpieces, which lead Langdon first to Florence and then Venice and Istanbul.

[Spoiler alert] I suggest you read the book first, and then come back to read the rest of this review.

follows art historian Robert Langdon in a fast-paced roller-coaster hunt for the source of a genetic hack delivered to everyone on the planet via a highly contagious airborne virus.

As in previous novels, Langdon works against the clock to decipher hints hidden in the treasures of the world’s art and literature, fighting intrigue and deception.

Please don’t change my DNA without asking me, thank you very much.

Others may find this even worse: a form of global bioterrorism.notes in a comment below: “[Dan Brown]‘s overpopulation fears make him sound like he’s writing half a century ago. In fact, fertility rates continue their decades-long precipitous decline.


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