Dbq Essay On French Revolution

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The Nobility was regarded as the Second Estate in the French Society. The Nobility was also sub divided into two groups-the Court nobles and the provincial nobles. They did not pay any heed towards the problems of the common people of their areas.

On the other hand, the provincial nobles paid their attention towards the problems of the people. Inspite of this, the clergies and the nobles employed them in their fields in curve. The lower Clergies and the provincial nobles also joined their hands with the common people along with the bourgeoisie.

Turgot tried to minimise the expenditure of the royal court.

He also advised the king to impose taxes on every classes of the society.

He published a report on the income and expenditure of the State in order to arouse the people. The next person who was appointed by the King as the Finance Minister of France in 1783 was Callone.

He adapted the policy of borrowing in order to meet the expenditure of the royal court.

As you analyze the documents, take into account both the source of the document and the author s point of view Historical Context The French Revolution of 1789 had many long-range causes. The essay should be logically presented and should include information both form the documents and from your own knowledge outside the documents. I was joined by a poor woman who complained of the hard times.

Political, social, and economic conditions in France contributed to the discontent felt by many French people-especially those of the third estate. Based on your own knowledge and on the information found in the documents, formulate a thesis that directly answers the question. Organize supportive and relevant information into a brief outline. Document 1: This excerpt is adapted from Travels in France by Arthur Young, who traveled through France from 1787 to In the south of France there is a taille [tax on the land and its produce]. Stories arrive every moment from the provinces of riots and disturbances, and calling in the military, to preserve the peace of the price of bread has risen above people s ability to pay. The tailles and feudal dues [rents owed the lords] are crushing us, she said.

Read the documents in Part A and answer the questions after each document.

Then, read the directions for Part B and write your essay.


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