Disadvantages Of Industrialization Essay

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Through the development of a transcontinental railroad system, the west was settled and many American dreams were in reach.

Second, the development of new public transit systems, was important in shaping the design of our cities and the growth of our cities by enabling people to move further away from the inner city.

Due to industrialization, many changes were made in people’s daily lives.

First, work was no longer limited to daylight hours.

Japan achieved sustained growth in per capita income between the 1880s and 1970 through industrialization.

Moving along an income growth trajectory through expansion of manufacturing is hardly unique.Also, freight and passengers could travel by rail without interruptions.With the railroads connecting the east and the west coast, many people moved westward and began to take advantage of the opportunities that the west offered, such as cheap land, gold, new businesses, and more.Now, that cities were liberated from darkness people were able to be more productive, as well as businesses.Because electricity was supplied to homes and businesses, everyone was able to benefit from it.Second, most goods had to be produced and provided locally on a small scale. Nevertheless, with the help of federal grants, railroad promoters were able to build a more efficient railroad system that would connect the settled east with the unsettled west.After the completion of the new railroads system, farmers were in reasonable distance of railroad depots, which meant manufacturers could locate their plants anywhere and be able to bring in raw materials and send their products wherever they could find customers.Due to this discovery, businesses could operate around the clock.We were no longer limited to the hours of daylight that the sun provided.As a result, most people lived or took housing near downtown, which was where most of the working establishments were located. However with the breakthrough of the “el”, electric streetcars, and subways, around 1867, cities began to open up more.Those who were fortunate enough to move out of the slums and into better surrounding neighborhoods, did so.


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