Dissertation Types

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Don’t make your reader work too hard to know whether your expectations were borne out.

Any literature references in this chapter should be either parenthetical or should be limited only to technical matters.

Length is determined by how large a contribution you are making.

You should keep the language very general (at the conceptual level), but give a few examples to elucidate difficult conceptual issues.

When you analyze your data, you conclude whether you reject your null hypothesis and accept your alternative or fail to reject your null.

A dissertation can test a very broad range of hypotheses, depending on the discipline and focus of the writer. (Note: Those using some type of qualitative research design, such as case studies, present results here as well. Show how your results might be generalized to a wide range of alternate areas of interest.If you are doing a comparative case study dissertation, this chapter may be a series of short chapters about each case.) - - This is an optional chapter. - - If your data are self-collected, an appendix presenting and explaining the data is useful, if not suggested.Buckley Scholarship and the Students In Free Enterprise Sam M. - - Most people use this chapter to pay homage to some, excoriate others. Since the lit review precedes your theory chapter, you can use the lit review to set up your theory as being a monumental contribution to the literature.Stay in touch with your committee and especially your advisor.If you have consulted your advisor and committee along the way, the defense will be easy. Submission deadlines come quickly and there is generally a lot of minor editing and polishing to do before it is in an acceptable format for the university.Your dissertation hypothesis is the prediction statement based on the theory that you are researching in your study.Doctoral candidates test their hypotheses in their dissertations, their original research project that they write and defend in order to graduate.If your dissertation is formal, a mathematical proof appendix is often expected. "Dissertation from Scratch" - - topic is decided relatively late (third year), and most all of the work is subsequently completed. At this point you can’t change the topic because you have too much invested. Expansion of lit review and theory sections to use as prospectus 4. Remainder of article expanded to reflect expander scope of analysis 1.Dissertating with Success The Topic as Part of Your Academic Identity – Your dissertation is the most important component of your "academic identity." This is extremely important because you will be hired based on this identity. Develop a flexible dissertation topic – one that can be characterized as fitting more than one subfield. Highlight different conference papers to support your claims of subfield expertise. For this model, the process proceeds in the following order: 1. "Dissertation by Article Expansion" - - The process proceeds as follows: 1. Definition of "prospectus": "A statement outlining the main features of a new work." In other words, DON’T WRITE THE DISSERTATION!!!!! Present your advisor/committee with multiple drafts 3.


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