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For example, you might be a strong debater because you grew up in a family of eight, where everyone gave their opinion about a news article over dinner.

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Colleges want a diverse student body so that students can learn about life from each other, as well as from their professors.

Colleges want students to be teachers as well as students.

In addition, don’t make the mistake of writing something along the lines of “I am diverse.” One person is not diverse on his or her own.

Questions about diversity are looking to determine how your skills and talents make you just the right puzzle piece to fit into the jigsaw puzzle made up of all students on a campus.

In college, students learn not only from books and professors, but from each other.

However, if everyone is exactly the same, what can they learn from each other?

Your essay on diversity should show the college how you will bring your unique point of view to the classroom and campus. Since then, the author has been admitted to his top choices for both undergraduate and professional education, both of which are ranked in the top 10 by US News and World Report. Read the essay, and read the explanation underneath.

People see me as tall and black, but I am more than that: I am a lawyer in the making.

Schools like Yale, UC Berkeley, and many public universities ask their applicants questions about diversity.

While this question is most common in graduate school applications, it does come up in undergraduate admissions.


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