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You should use direct citation in a situation when the exact wording of a passage is important, so that you can be sure you have reproduced the original accurately.You might also use citation if the original statement is very well formulated and you feel it will enrich your writing.

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Using electronic or online sources is convenient, but you have to know how to cite them properly.

Due to the fact that different disciplines and fields of knowledge require different styles, no universal example for citing electronic sources can be provided.

Furthermore, accurate and proper quoting shall help you avoid plagiarism, which is considered a serious breach of academic conduct.

There are 3 methods of including other writer’s work into your paper.

Paraphrasing is widely used in research papers and argumentative essays, showing your supervisors you understand a source text well and may reformulate it and find and emphasize its main points.

It also helps change the stylistic characteristics of your source, adapting it to the readers (for example, if you use it for a presentation of some scientific topic before your class) and omitting unnecessary details.

Paraphrasing means retelling a passage of the original text using your own words and sentence structures.

The author of the original must also be referenced.

They are citing (quoting), paraphrasing and summarizing.

Citation should repeat the original text word-for-word and include a reference to the original writer of the source document.


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