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REM sleep occurs every 90 - 100 minutes, about 3 to 4 times a night, and lasts longer as the night progresses.The final REM period may last as long as 45 minutes. The eyes move back and forth rapidly under the eyelids, and the large muscles of the body are relaxed.The problem here is that the subconscious never sleeps. Say your soul wants you to be less analytical / rational in your approach to life and to incorporate intuition / feelings into the decision making process. Ideally the dream is received and your conscious mind accepts the direction of your soul and begins a process to change in this direction.

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Dreams of this nature also indicate what is preventing us from further developing a particular ability.

Lastly, a dream shows us our reaction to the subject matter of the dream and why it is we react that way.

While dreaming, we can interact with various people, places or things.

Technically speaking, a dream is mass hallucination.

When people think about dreams, most wonder why they occur. When we are asleep, it is not as obvious how our minds are at work.

To keep our minds active during sleep we must dream. Laboratory studies show that we experience our clearest, most vivid dreams during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep.For example, a dream may indicate that the dreamer's difficulty with relationships stems from conflict in their parents’ marriage, which was witnessed by the dreamer as a child.This is useful when combined with therapy because it allows the dreamer and therapist to explore the real cause of the problem and select a suitable means for dealing with it.There are four stages of sleep: · Stage 1: This is the first stage of sleep. · Stage 2: This is a much deeper sleep than stage 1. Although there are no clear images, vague thoughts and ideas drift through the sleeper's mind. Before long, the sleeper will venture into stage 4 sleep. Then comes the REM (or better known as rapid eye movement).If the sleeper remains undisturbed, he or she will drift off into stage 3. The sleeper's muscles are all relaxed by now, and his or her heart rate has slowed down. If the sleeper is woken up during this time, he or she will be able to remember a recently dreamt dream.Due to this, the message / request in the dream is effectively spoiled. The subconscious mind is being helpful as far as it is concerned and sees the reasons it provides for avoiding the change as valid.Drawing on your personal experience as evidence it will tell you things such as, "When you are open to your feelings you are open to being hurt, rejected and ignored.While asleep, we can gain rest and refreshment for our hard day of work.Essentially, dreams are our method of relaxing and letting our minds drift away into a distant world.For example, a source of imbalance, which is common in our society, is conflict between the head and the heart.Our education system places most emphasis on activities involving intellectual expression, such as science, and least on activities involving emotional expression, such as poetry and art.


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