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Chloroplasts contain a green, light-capturing pigment called chlorophyll.This chemical helps the chloroplasts to act like minute solar panels.

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It diffuses out of the leaves of plants and enters the atmosphere.Plants are the major source of oxygen on planet Earth and help keep us alive.We know now that plants use sunlight as energy, they get water from rain, and they get carbon dioxide from breathing.Many leaf cells contain tiny, lens-shaped organelles called chloroplasts.These can move around the cell towards the direction of sunlight.Chloroplasts are made up of stacks of tiny disclike membranes called grana, held in a dense mass of material known as the stroma.The grana are where water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, using some of the light energy captured by the chlorophyll.Plants breathe carbon dioxide just like we breathe oxygen.When plants breathe carbon dioxide in, they breathe out oxygen.You might think at first that it's green because it wants to absorb and use green light.However, from our study of light, we know that the color we see is actually the color of light that is reflected.


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