Ed A Level Chemistry Coursework

Specific course topics might include Huckel theory, Tanabe-Sugano diagrams, coordinate analysis, the Van Vleck equation and electronic, vibrational and raman spectroscopy.

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Here is a list of concepts and terminology commonly explored in chemistry courses: College students may take a general chemistry class as part of their general education requirement, although chemistry majors with advanced high school coursework in the subject may be able to waive the basic-level class requirement.

This course introduces students to working in a lab, using tools to conduct experiments, taking measurements, recording data and writing lab reports.

This course includes hours both in the classroom and in the lab.

Inorganic chemistry is a required course for most science majors.

It is recommended students check with examining centres that the chosen exam is available.

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This A level course is based on the Edexcel Advanced General Certificate Education; (A-GCE) Specifications for Chemistry, which became available from 2015 teaching series for first examination in 2017.

Physical chemistry courses look at topics like gases and their movements, different states of matter like liquids and solids, atomic structure and quantum mechanics.

This class may be offered over two or three semesters at beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

Homestudy students are not advised to perform practical experiments unsupervised.

Students under 18 years old MUST be supervised by a responsible adult.


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