Effective Critical Thinking

Effective Critical Thinking-22
Do you react to situations based on your emotions or personal biases?Are you looking for ways to improve communication and the flow of ideas with those around you?

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The basis of nonviolent communication is compassion, observation and collaboration.

When we approach any scenario with compassion, we are already in a peaceful mindset, rather than a defensive one.

However, it's not always clear what it actually means.

True critical thinking involves an intervention in one's own thought process in order to efficiently solve a problem.

It requires the ability to actively listen to others, to assess, dissect and appraise arguments, and to separate intense emotions from the topic at hand.

Sam Milam is a freelance writer hailing from the Pacific Northwest.Analyzing information is paramount for critical thinking. Sometimes our joy, anger, sadness or other emotions are too great, and other times we struggle to focus on the central issue at hand.To reach success, we need to analyze the information before us, whether it is information in our mind or being shared by others.We can break it down by assessing what is being said, and ensuring that we clearly understand what it is that needs to happen.Then we can dissect and appraise all arguments, including our own, and think about how the decisions would impact others, as well as the bottom line.If you are moving a business, it is wise to examine the impact of that decision. Every decision should be weighed carefully, with consideration of how the choice affects your bottom line, but also for the people who are working toward success alongside you.Will it be too far for some of your talented employees to drive? Critical thinking requires the ability to reflect on one’s own beliefs, as well as someone else’s ideas, and then see the connections between those things.When we hear their perspective, we can take that information and analyze it.When we use active listening skills, we can fully understand what someone is trying to tell us because that conversation continues until all parties can reiterate what the other is trying to say.There are skills that have the capability to greatly improve your capacity to make objective, effective choices and arguments, and those are critical thinking skills.Without these skills, arguments can often be one-sided.


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