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Also that he, and therefore the reader, is provided with too much information too quickly through the relationships that he has with the other characters.Secondly, that Nick's relationships with characters are too distant therefore, preventing him learning anything from them by the end of the novel.

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If this learning process is absent, leaving Nick without motive to write the novel, one questions ultimately why Fitzgerald would use Nick as narrator. Mizener commends Fitzgerald's achievement of this when Nick is said by Mizener to be '…sufficiently near the centre of things to know all he needed to know…' When Fitzgerald's intentional geographical placing of Nick in the novel is considered, Nick's objectivity becomes a factor.

For example, if Nick were an Easterner, in the East, subscribing to the 'careless' lifestyle, then how could he be expected to observe some of 'his own' while being objective?

I therefore see no evidence to validate Scrimgeour's claim that '(Nick) is a moral eunuch' Nick’s reply to Tom’s question on 5th Avenue, “Do you object to shaking hands with me?

' is another example of Nick acting to his own moral code.

Nick concisely and clearly conveys the comparison between the East and West thus allowing this wider theme of the novel to be realised.

Mizener observes Fitzgerald's effective achievement of this comparison when considered in relation to Nick's morality.He has come East to be an Easterner…but his moral roots remain in the West.' The strength of these Western 'moral roots' are shown by their continuing existence after Nick having experienced/subsumed in/surrounded by the immorality of the East.However, a balance must be struck between two extremes.Firstly, that Nick is so involved in the plot that he becomes noticeably biased.' Views on the role of Nick as narrator in The Great Gatsby have varied greatly.How do these two views relate to your own view of Nick's function in the novel?' I aim to explain effectively my opinion that Fitzgerald's use of Nick as the narrator of The Great Gatsby is a very successful literary technique.I shall do this by the analysis of the two contrasting pieces of criticism, as well as of the novel itself.Nick must be in a position to tell enough of the story to satisfy the reader.To achieve this, Fitzgerald must create relationships between Nick and those characters from whom he is going to get the most interesting or useful information to aid the development of the plot.


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