Erosion Student Essay

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The result is less labor and lower costs that increase farmers’ profits.

No-till farming and cover crops act as sinks for nitrogen and other nutrients. Critics argue that no-till and related methods are impractical and too expensive for many growers, partly because it requires new equipment.

The best-known case of shallow saline water table capillary action occurred in Egypt after the 1970 construction of the Aswan Dam.

The change in the groundwater level led to high salt concentrations in the water table.

Planting species that can tolerate saline conditions can be used to lower water tables and thus reduce the rate of capillary and evaporative enrichment of surface salts.

Salt-tolerant plants include saltbush, a plant found in much of North America and in the Mediterranean regions of Europe.Salt breaks down the soil structure, causing infertility and reduced growth.The ions responsible for salination are: sodium (Na Soil salinity adversely affects crop metabolism and erosion usually follows.The terraces form a series of steps, each at a higher level than the previous.Terraces are protected from erosion by other soil barriers.Salinity in soil is caused by irrigating with salty water.Water then evaporates from the soil leaving the salt behind.Terraced farming is more common on small farms and in underdeveloped countries, since mechanized equipment is difficult to deploy in this setting.Keyline design is an enhancement of contour farming, where the total watershed properties are taken into account in forming the contour lines.When plants die, they decay and become part of the soil. Farmers have practiced soil conservation for millennia.Code 330 defines standard methods recommended by the U. In Europe, policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy are targeting the application of best management practices such as reduced tillage, winter cover crops, plant residues and grass margins in order to better address the soil conservation.


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