Essay On Air Pollution For Class 3rd

Essay On Air Pollution For Class 3rd-27
You can also recycle and reuse materials like paper and cardboard, and you can even donate your old clothes and toys to second-hand stores, so that new things don't need to be produced as often.Air pollution is caused when gases and chemicals are emitted into the air and harm the earth's atmosphere, or outer layer of air.Air pollution is last few decades have increased many folds and started affecting normal course of life.

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But burning lots of fossil fuels also contributes to air pollution.

Fossil fuels are released when people drive cars, trucks, boats, and trains, and fossil fuels are used in power plants to create electricity for people's homes, schools, and businesses.

Earth is surrounded by an atmosphere, which is a layer of gases.

When air pollution occurs, this harms the earth's atmosphere and causes problems for people.

Many of your toys, clothes, and even food products are produced in factories.

Making these products uses energy and creates waste, which is often burned.

The inception of Industrialization and steep rise in the transportation system has made our Air poisonous.

The Air Quality Index is getting down day by day depicting the degradation of Air.

Please go through the below 10 lines to enhance your thinking and get applause of your teachers and audiences: 1) Air pollution is caused due to the introduction of harmful gases, toxic elements, allergens etc in the air.

2) Air pollution highly affects the quality of air making it dangerous for the human survival.


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