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Father and Son share the same substance or essence of divinity.

That is, the Father and Son both share the qualities and essential nature that make one in reality God.

I BELIEVE IN ONE GOD Christians, like Jews and Muslims, believe that only one God exists.

The creed states the assumption of the ancient Shema: "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord." It begins with "I believe," because reciting the creed is ultimately an individual confession of belief, although the creed also expresses the collective beliefs of the Church.

However, unlike earthly rulers, Jesus is a friend to the oppressed and a servant.

THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD Jesus is in a unique relationship with God the Father.BEGOTTEN, NOT MADE Some Christians today (Jehovah's Witnesses) and in the past (Arians) have suggested God created Jesus like God would an angel.The creed tells us that just as when a woman gives birth she does not create a child out of nothing, being begotten of God, the Son is not created out of nothing.FOR OUR SAKE HE WAS CRUCIFIED UNDER PONTIUS PILATE; HE SUFFERED DEATH AND WAS BURIED Jesus died on a cross, suffered as humans do, truly died, and was laid in a tomb.Despite what some critics will level against it, the Nicene Creed is more than just metaphysical speculation, and includes important historical confessions.However, the Scriptures have all three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – interacting at the same time, as shown at Jesus' baptism. Athanasius, writing during the Nicene era, said the Father and Son are one as "the sight of two eyes is one." TRUE GOD FROM TRUE GOD God the Son is not a half-god or inferior to God the Father.God the Son is fully and utterly God, distinct from the Father, yet not divided from the Father.Heaven is not "up," just as God is not a biologically male father. Catholics believe that Jesus of Nazareth was and is a real human being, not simply a spirit or ghost.AND BY THE HOLY SPIRIT, WAS INCARNATE OF THE VIRGIN MARY, AND BECAME MAN God the Son became incarnate in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. The incarnation of God in Christ is the ultimate act of love, because rather than sending an angel or good human to accomplish the redemption and restoration of creation, God Himself became human.THE FATHER ALMIGHTY Jesus frequently calls God "Father" in the Scriptures, and this usage tells us that God is a loving God active within His creation.God the Father is the first person (Greek "hypostasis," "individual reality"), or distinction, within the Godhead.


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