Essay On Disrespect In The Military

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Disrespecting a senior official can cause leadership failures to worsen to levels that render a group ineffective. If the accused and the victim are in the same armed force, the victim is a “superior commissioned officer” of the accused when either superior in rank or command to the accused; however, the victim is not a “superior commissioned officer”of the accused if the victim is inferior in command, even though superior in rank. If the accused and the victim are in different armed forces, the victim is a “superior commissioned officer” of the accused when the victim is a commissioned officer and superior in the chain of command over the accused or when the victim, not a medical officer or a chaplain, is senior in grade to the accused and both are detained by a hostile entity so that recourse to the normal chain of command is prevented.

The victim is not a “superior commissioned officer” of the accused merely because the victim is superior in grade to the accused. If the accused did not know that the person against whom the acts or words were directed was the accused’s superior commissioned officer, the accused may not be convicted of a violation of this article.

Disrespect by words may be conveyed by abusive epithets or other contemptuous or denunciatory language. Disrespect by acts includes neglecting the customary salute or showing a marked disdain, indifference, insolence, impertinence, undue familiarity, or other rudeness in the presence of the superior officer. It is not essential that the disrespectful behavior is in the presence of the superior, but ordinarily, one should not be held accountable under this article for what was said or done in a purely private conversation. A superior commissioned officer whose conduct in relation to the accused under all the circumstances departs substantially from the required standards appropriate to that officer’s rank or position under similar circumstances loses the protection of this article.

That accused may not be convicted of being disrespectful to the officer who has so lost the entitlement to respect protected by Article 89.

I think disrespect is one of the biggest issues in the united states military.

Respect is something everyone wants, not many have, and few want to give.

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