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Article 91 encompasses half a dozen criminal accusations and the maximum sentence for each varies.However, the most serious offenses have their maximum sentencing as follows: Striking or assaulting warrant officer(Note: Striking or assaulting a superior noncommissioned officer carries with it the same sentencing, with a reduced confinement sentence of 3 years.Some people say that you should give respect to everyone. Discipline also known as Military Bearing is the glue that holds a combat team together.

Article 91 encompasses half a dozen criminal accusations and the maximum sentence for each varies.

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Whether it is conduct unbecoming or insubordination with a superior ranking official, chances are if made public through social media, your military career is over.

The exact phrasing of insubordination is as follows: (3) treats with contempt or is disrespectful in language or deportment toward a warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer while that officer is in the execution of his office; shall be punished as a court-martial may direct.” (d) That the accused then knew that the person struck or assaulted was a warrant, noncommissioned, or petty officer.

Furthermore, the sentencing may vary depending upon whether the said officer was executing duties essential to his or her office. No matter how long the list of witnesses or how strong the evidence is against you, we as court martial attorneys will fight to reduce your charges or acquit you completely. However, if prosecutors can prove you knew that the officer was, in fact, your superior officer, you could face harsher sentencing under Article 91.

requires prosecutors to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a handful of critical assumptions—known as elements—to convict you of a crime.

Respect is one the 7 Army Values and probably one of the most important in today’s Army.

Discipline also works alongside respect even though it is not one of the Army Value’s; it falls under Self-less Service.

When a person first enters the Army they are taught and instilled into our brain If I see an NCO or officer appointed over myself not doing the right thing, some soldiers if not I will continue my behavior thinking is it correct. Respect is neither a right nor a privilege; it is something that you earn over time through your actions, though in the army it is expected of all lower enlisted. When another person earns your respect you work harder to have that same respect returned to you.

But now the behavior has been passed on and leaders will have a harder time dealing with their soldiers. I think that respect is taught by example, as most good things are.


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