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When I was quite young, she would teasingly scare my younger brother and I when she would take out her false teeth and put them in a glass of water for the night.Then she would grin at us..we would run out of the room, play-screaming! I can still remember how she would laugh and laugh about that.I don't think there was a morning that we didn't wake up, in her house, to the smell of a big southern-style breakfast.

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Her post is about her childhood memories of both grandmothers. A tribute to her grandmothers and to the lives that they lead.

The post is both sad and sweet as your recounts her fond memories of childhood and those not so fond.

I was 19 when she died, so all the memories that I have of her are truly childhood memories.

Grandma was from Kentucky originally, but she and my grandpa moved to Oregon when my mother was just 7 years old. Both grandma and grandpa wanted to keep my uncles from having to work in the Kentucky coal mines. She gave freely of her time and of her meager income that she lived on.

Feel free to share a story or memory of your grandmother..your grandfather as well. The one thing that I lack, are that many pictures of my grandma.

It's probably because she avoided the camera like the plague. I'll have to get onto her (again) about getting me some copies. Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

My plan is that this website will be around for many, many years....longer than I even will be around.

If all else failed, hopefully my kids will be able to learn of their great-grandma by finding it via a web search someday. Using the form below, you can also include a picture of your grandma or grandpa.

Our parents and grandparents played a pivotal role in the creation of those memories.

I came across this blog entry the other day that I think is very good and made me start thinking about my grandmothers. This is how a blogger that goes by "hh" begins a recent post.


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