Essay On Influence Of Media On Present Generation

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They post to show the world who they are and what they do.

It’s as though they are not a person unless they post everything that happens in their life.

As Nancy Baym (2010) writes, “In lean media, people have more ability to expand, manipulate, multiply, and distort the identities they present to others.” We start to believe in the lies we make up and lose our sense of reality.

If you continue with the same lie, eventually you yourself believe that it is true.

You then lose your trust of people on the internet; but for a person who’s lost, social media can be an outlet to let everything go anonymously.

This is both a plus side and a downside to the rise of social media.

For the people who use it as a form of expression, it allows them to have the security of showing their interests without the feeling that they will be persecuted.

Since people recreate themselves and change every aspect of their real life, people have become distrustful of the internet.

On Catfish people have complete relationships with a person they have never met and only met through Facebook or something similar.

Some of these relationships can last for years, all you know is the person writing the messages and the picture that is on a profile.


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