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Essay Contents: Factitious disorders are characterized by the conscious, deliberate, and surreptitious feigning of physical or psychological symptoms to simulate disease.

The only goal that is evident in such behaviour is the attainment of the role of the patient; this motivation is contrasted to malingering, in which a clear identifiable role is evident such as money, disability or relief from work.

This refers to physical or mental symptoms which are caused psychologically in circumstances where the patient has made an unsettled claim for compensation.

Symptoms persist as long as the claim continues or longer if compensation depends on regular review of the disability.

History: The term Munchausen’s syndrome was coined by Asher in 1951.

Other terms that have been applied to such patients have been “Peregrinating problem patients”, “Hospital hobos”, “Hospital addicts”, “Kopenickadus syndrome” and “Ahasuerus syndrome”.Epidemiology: The exact prevalence of this disorder is not known.Onset is usually in early adult life often with a hospitalization for true physical illness.The individual may secretly use substances for the purpose of producing symptoms that suggest nonorganic mental disorder, e.g., Stimulants; hallucinogens; analgesics.This disorder is apparently more common in male and frequent hospitalizations are a complication.Motivation for malingering is usually external (e.g., avoiding military duty or work, obtaining financial compensation, evading criminal prosecution, or obtaining drugs).Feigning illness in order to receive disability compensation is common in Social Security Disability examinations, occurring in 45.8%-59.7% of adult cases.Complaints for pain and requests for analgesics are very common.The patients often eagerly undergo multiple invasive procedures and operations and they have multiple scars on abdomen known as Grid iron Abdomen.Claims and litigations for benefits, and a constant preoccupa­tion with disability are common features of this syn­drome.describes malingering as the intentional production of false or grossly exaggerated physical or psychological problems.


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