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One of the key ideas Kurt Vonnegut discusses, and then reiterates, throughout the entire work is that humor is a natural defense mechanism to deal with all the horrible things in the world we live in.While defying the natural plot would be common for most works, there is still a sense of movement.

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In the end, the plot of this book is Kurt Vonnegut's search for a solution, a country, an identity, or even a hope of any kind.

It is in that walk, that very reflection of life itself, that this book takes its arc, and Vonnegut provides at least one more gift for his readers, as good as any before it.

Milton puts Satan’s words to the test by emphasizing the fallen angels’ torment throughout the poem.

Despite their suffering, Milton shows that the fallen angels have an indomitable will, capable of transforming grave disadvantages into opportunities for progress and renewal.

The plot is an evolving, overriding series of arguments.

Discussions include everything from why oil is the worst addiction possible, to the need to just be kind to other people above all else.Vonnegut's first essay discusses his life as a soldier, young, just a kid, and the experience of taking cover, listening to the bombs hit overhead.The beginning thus suggests youth, and as the essays move on there is a sense of aging, even though Vonnegut loves to jump back and forth chronologically, sometimes by decades in the same chapter.Satan’s speech thus introduces a major theme in Paradise Lost: the mind’s ability to find value in dramatic losses and to change setbacks into the beginnings of new and surprising adventures.When he notes the mind’s ability to “make a heaven of hell,” Satan argues that the intellect is capable of overcoming the physical and emotional problems that arise every day.A Man Without a Country by Kurt Vonnegut is a collection of non-fiction essays reflecting on humor, politics, religion, education, prejudice, ignorance, the environment, art, war, and more.He tackles all of these issues in the twelve chapters/essays that compose this book, using a customary wit that has made him internationally famous.Whatever Satan’s imaginative powers may be, they cannot erase the scars of thunder that were etched into his face during the war with God.Satan himself refers to “a dire change hateful to utter,” suggesting that he is succumbing to the external torments of hell.What the thinkers of the past have thought of the human race, what can be said of its art, language, and capacities for good and evil in the light of modern knowledge are discussed by a great philosopher who had a profound experience of the past and of his own time.“Ernst Cassirer…had a long standing international reputation in philosophy….


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