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Last month I attended the marriage of my close friend, Aditya. His robust health and personality seemed to have become an envy of the many old people ad young girls. Our return journey was more colourful and full of joy. The bridegroom was wearing a fine silk garment and a beautiful coloured turban on his head. The face of the bridegroom shone in the floodlights arranged around the open car. He attracted the attention of spectators on both sides of the road and passers-by. The sea waves were singing just outside the bungalow at the back. Finally the bride and the bridegroom went round the wedding fire seven times and they were now man and wife. The marriage ceremony over we had to start on our journey back next morning. The bride was very happy because soon she was going to her home, real home where she will meet new people and start a new life. His family members and guest teamed themselves into a procession with musical band ahead playing beautiful tunes.

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