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Though, the argument of this paper is what is the reason behind the misrepresentation of feminism, and where did it come from....[tags: Feminism, Gender, Feminist theory, Women's rights] - The misrepresentation of Pit Bull breeds in the media has been reflected in American culture.

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How small can they be and how big and serious can they get.

In 2007, the dean of admissions at MIT was forced to resign after 30 years of working at the school while falsely claiming to have degrees from Albany medical college, Union college and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute when in reality she did not possess an undergraduate degree from any of these institutions (Fleming & Miles, 2012).

[tags: realistic ideals, sexy, victoria secret] - The Misrepresentation of Feminism A feminist is defined as someone who believes in the social, economic, and political equality between men and women in society.

However, in recent years, there are new understandings of the feminist movement.

All sources and mediums of media impact billions of lives every day.

The media holds this power over society and it’s time to change that; especially when it comes to the media’s view of women. This misrepresentation of women in the media is negatively impacting America by corrupting both the youth and adults....

- “People learn more from media than any other single source of information” (Missrepresentation).

This quote exemplifies how society learns and creates their standards about people, places, and things.

As these dogs were incorporated into World War I propaganda, they were perceived as symbols of courage and strength, the archetype of American dog breeds5.

When, in the 1920s and 1930s, American Staffordshire Terrier “Pete the Pup” starred in the comedy Our Gang, later known as The Little Rascals, Pit Bulls were considered “nanny dogs” and family-friendly pets7.


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