Essay On My Relationship With My Family

Essay On My Relationship With My Family-24
The members of the same family may have differences of opinions, may quarrel often for silly things but in spite of all these it is our family that supports us during our ups and downs.My Family: As the saying goes, “Family is the best thing you could ever wish for.

I remember an incident when my cousin Michelle was “mouthing off” at my grandmother. My uncle served as the self-appointed big brother and bodyguard. And if you dared to act inappropriately, we would have preferred to be put out of our misery than to sit through an hour lecture from him, which was a definite.

Not only did my grandmother “pop” her in the mouth, but when my two aunts found out about it she got popped again.

For, the relationship between mother and daughter is clearly of great importance and the family have great admiration for their niece, bought up in caring, close, even though adoptive circumstances.

The use of contrast between families in different financial situations is an example of Austen’s ridicule of the upper class.

They are there for you during the ups and downs and love you no matter what”.

Contrary to this saying, we cannot choose our family as we choose our friends.

The way one is raised can affect self-esteem and is the emotional and psychological blueprint for life. One can learn morals, manners and valuable life lessons.

How one is raised can add negatively as well as positively to society.

But I can say that I’m blessed with a wonderful family.

My family is very small with four members – my mother, my father, my elder sister and me.


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