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Once if these customized performances are accepted by public,the firm is supposed to overcome the half battle. When the products sell well,the honor and praise also follow to come.

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In a way,if the firm want to be successful really,you must find out a sustainable competitive advantage(core competency) derived from capabilities and resource.(core competencies are capabilities that serve as a potential source of competitive advantage for a firm over its rivals).

And high-quality food,top customer service and the ability to continuously finding supervisor location is the core competencies of Subway today.

The Subway chain has also a lot of competitors in Danish market.

One of the main competitors is the Danish chain Sunset Boulevard.

The objective of the thesis is to find out which is the most attractive location for a Subway restaurant.

Three different cities are analyzed namely Arhus, Horsens and Vejle.(Subway Denmark) Now there are more than 30,000 Subway restaurants in 88 countries worldwide and it is the world? (Subway 2009) Subway offers customers many different kinds of fresh submarine sandwiches also called “subs”. Slogan “Eat Fresh” tells that Subway chain uses only freshly baked bread and fresh ingredients.Customers always decide how they want their sandwiches to be served. Subway has a lot of competitors for example Mc Donald? There were more than 20 Subways in Denmark in the 1990s but 10 years ago they withdrew from the Danish market.1 INTRODUCTION Subway chain is the third largest fast food chain in the world after Mc Donald? The first Subway restaurant was opened nine years after its foundation in Connecticut where the headquarter is now situated. The franchise chain has employed more than 150,000 people. The founder of the Subway chain, Fred De Luca, started running his restaurant business when he was only 17 years old.Quiznos offers their subs at .49- for their 6" subs and their foot longs will expand to an extra dollar for a 9" and .49 through up to .00 for a 12 inch sub.Generally, Subway offer their tasty subs at a cheaper price than Quiznos and they both are around the same price for a select few subs.The topic was chosen because it is interesting that Subway is not well-represented in Denmark.This thesis is made to find an answer for the following main question: Can entrepreneurs take up the Subway franchise concept and become successful in the Danish market?Knowing the possibilities for entering the market and the potential customers are vital.Furthermore it is a good idea to look at the macro environmental factors that are influencing the market.


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