Essay On The Battle Of Thermopylae

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Speaking on 300’s source text by the same name, written by Frank Miller, is the film faithful to the novel?

With every film adaptation the question of fidelity rises when the film is being critiqued.

Historically the battle between Greece and Xerxes at Thermopylae consisted of more than 300 Spartans, as dictated by the film, Athens also participated by attacking Xerxes army from the sea dwindling down Persia’a forces.

In the film 300 the duties Athens serves in the battle at Thermopylae is portrayed by a storm.

Then there is a comic book like 300 which is based off a historical moment in history, when the Sparta and Athens along with other Greek city-states united to battle the mighty Persia.

Comic books and graphic novels are often known for their vivid violent scenes. The most popular comic books, such as The Dark Knight and The Amazing Spiderman, are based off the modern day superheroes that we all know and love today.“300”, film, however carries the prestige compared to the novel.As fans of “300” acknowledge the film opposed to the novel.Stam would accept “300” as it’s own piece of art not to be simply labeled an adaptation.Stam also speaks on the different roots of prejudice towards film adaptations, calling them “sources of hostility” towards adaptation and is overall how people judge film adaptations.The last stand, in the novel by Frank Miller, has the Spartans literally being hit with thousands of arrows and still trying to put up a fight against Xerxes army.While in the film version of that very same scene the Spartans make a last effort of glory, attacking Xerxes army, right before being subdued by the immense sets of arrows that covered the sky.In the film a hunchback dwarf reveals a small path to Xerxes and betrays Leonidas and his fellow Spartans to lead to their downfall.That is a scene from just watching the film or reading the novel, it would be assumed not to be true. The Greek betrayer name is Ephialtes, Ephialtes showed the Persians a small path around the allied Greek position, for some type of reward said to be gold and status, that subsequently lead to their defeat at Thermopylae.Then there’s a movie like “300” which is based of actual historical events and a novel. That makes directing a film harder because when adding and deleting content from the source text for cinematic purposes because it’s hard to make changes without disrupting it’s historical background and maintaing a certain level of faithfulness to the source text.Movies like “300” suffers from two counts of fidelity, one being it’s faithfulness to the novel it’s adapted from, and two being it’s faithfulness to history. “300” seems to portray the spirit of the text while maintaing it’s unique historical significance.


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